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In the year 2015,


Our mission is to educate and support youth who may encounter mental health challenges and to raise awareness about mental health challenges that today’s youth face.

Our vision is that all youth who encounter a mental health challenge will know where to turn for help and will do so without fear or shame.

The (I’m)Possible Project was founded in December of 2014 after a passionate and service-oriented group of individuals started talking about mental health, youth, substance abuse, stigma, and the lack of resources available to our young people. We are a non-profit organization based out of New Haven, Connecticut and serve youth between the ages of 12 and 18 throughout the 28 towns in New Haven County.

The idea that mental health should be talked about in schools isn’t entirely new. After our country endured tragedies that were, in part, traced back to mental health challenges, leaders in this country took a stand and began supporting programs like Youth Mental Health First Aid. Youth Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that teaches communities how to identify the signs and symptoms of developing mental health challenges and where to direct youth for help and support. The program also focuses largely on encouraging positive language around mental health.

As an organization, our language surrounding mental health and substance abuse is incredibly important to us. We believe utilizing more positive language surrounding mental health can lessen stigma. As your peruse through our website, you’ll notice we are very purposeful in this endeavor. We don’t use terms like “problems,” “issues,” “illnesses,” “battles,” or “fights”. Instead we use terms like “challenges,” “encounter,” “opportunities,” and “growth”. We realize that living with a mental health challenge is very much just a part of who an individual is; it doesn’t define who an individual is.

When we first developed the idea for The (I’m)Possible Project, we felt passionately that something more ought to be done to help our youth who encounter mental health challenges. The thing is—we want our youth to be a part of that “something”. We want them to take ownership and play a role in all of this. That’s why our programs are youth-led and youth-focused.

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